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We ministered for two incredible weeks in Burkina Faso in January. It was pretty moving to be called “Papa” and “Maman” by the many leaders whom Lauren and I had taught and mentored. And it was simply staggering to see what God has done in the last 20 years.

The number of pastors has tripled, and churches are multiplying exponentially. Jesus is building His Church despite stiff opposition, and the Burkinabè church is kicking in the gates of hell.

In early March, we participated in a conference put on by a mission network called Connect-Missions. We met a few Kairos Course alumni who asked why courses aren’t ongoing and connected with reps from mission agencies and denominational mission departments who want to know more about Simply Mobilizing programs. God is opening strategic doors.

We were invited by a church in Paris to teach about mission and unreached people groups. The average age of attendees is between 20 and 40 years old, and some 40 people stayed on for the training on a Sunday afternoon. The Holy Spirit is working in France, especially among young adults.

A 2020 IPSOS poll revealed interesting things about French adults, ages 18 to 30:

  • 35% are anxious about the economy
  • 32% worry about the environment
  • 71% don’t trust the media
  • 78% don’t trust politicians

God’s call is upon this generation, too! How to move teens and young adults toward engagement in God’s mission is a crucial question facing mission organizations today.

We held the AGM of Simply Mobilizing France in late March, and as we looked at all the doors the Lord is opening to us in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, I think we all sensed the Lord blowing fresh vision into our team.

“5 or 6 years ago, we had mission candidates, but no funds to send them. Today we have the funds, but no mission candidates.”

I was told this by France’s largest evangelical denomination in 2022. Then just a few days ago, the French branch of a worldwide mission agency told us the exact same thing! The French-speaking Church needs mobilizers to help it engage in the Great Commission. I guess the Lord has placed us in the right place, at the right time, for the right need!

On January 2, the Lord spoke this word to me for 2024 as I was reading Isaiah 43: “Let go of the past. Don’t focus on the victories, failures, or the methods of the past. Fix your eyes on Me because I’m doing things you haven’t seen before, and I’m doing them in ways you haven’t seen before. But you’ll have to align your heart with mine and watch Me closely to see them. And you’ll have to cooperate with Me. I’m going to open roads in the wilderness and rivers in the deserts.”

Well, there’s so much we would love to include in the newsletter, specifically about doors opening to us. We’d appreciate your prayers for us to be able to step into them! We have lots of ground to retake in building up our national team.

Bruce & Lauren