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Canada Bound: We hope to be heading to Canada for a 9-week home assignment. However, we are in the middle of applying for a second year of residency and the law does not permit a person to leave the country during this process. Please pray that we will find favour as we ‘skip the line’  and present our documents. The plan is to arrive in Canada on May 11 in time to attend the bi-annual conference of ACOP. We are looking forward to seeing many of you and catching up with your lives.

The four team members who had applied for residency have had mixed outcomes. Our young couple were denied and were required to exit the country within 5 days but were able to return and regroup for future planning. Our single workers were granted a 6 month residency and the expiry date is upon them now. Residency in our city is very backlogged so it can take up to one year for the whole process. As this pilgrim journey continues, all four of these team members are seeking their ultimate field location among the unreached nations.  

Our young friend’s first Palm Sunday—he has been a believer for a couple of years but has never heard of Palm Sunday. How exciting it was to celebrate this notable day in Christ’s Passion Week with him. Blessed is the King Who comes in the name of the Lord.”—Luke 19:38

Recent Notables:

  • Continuing to learn language 5 days a week
  • As previously mentioned, Maureen and I reapplied for residency.  Acceptance is not assured which is why prayer is required!
  • Traveled to connect with each of our team members
  • One of our teammates was able to join other teammates for an earthquake relief visit
  • Continuing to host English Club/Games Nights and Spiritual gatherings with the team here
  • We are taking a course related to our responsibilities called ‘Member Care Foundations’
  • In our February report, we highlighted a young student; please keep praying for him. He joined us for church this past Sunday

PRAY for:

1. Creativity and resources for local believers as they lead in the rebuilding of the many communities devastated by the earthquake.
2. Continued physical strength and safety for your team as they continue providing long-term earthquake relief.
3. New team members arriving, obtaining visas, and finalizing ultimate fields of service. 

 Wendell & Maureen

“How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, in whose heart are the highways to Zion!

Psalm 84:5