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We spent Easter with our close friends who live in a nearby province. It was a lovely time. We met a couple who’s been helping them with their fellowship over the last while. It was great to see that our friends finally have help after years of serving alone. Roni and our friends led worship for the house fellowship on Good Friday and the Easter Sunday service where we traveled to a nearby city and joined the church fellowship there. We had many great conversations with those gathered. It was a wonderful time with the Church community reflecting on Jesus’s death and resurrection. 

We also spent time with our teammates who live in a beautiful province by the sea. It was refreshing. This trip was planned so that Roni and a teammate could record some recent songs that Roni wrote. They have spent the last few days working on getting these songs recorded.

Visa Update: 

After many years of trying to get Roni a Canadian visa, it finally came through! Before applying for this visa we talked with a lawyer to see what our best option would be. We took his advice and applied for a permanent residency visa. Roni’s permanent residency means we’re moving to Canada for the foreseeable future!

We look forward to Roni being able to come to Canada (to meet all of you) and experience Canadian culture. Trying ice caps from Tim Hortons is a must too! 😊 

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying and supporting us during this season of ministry—we so appreciate you!

Although this season of life here is coming to an end; we will continue our marriage page on Instagram and stay in touch with people. We have been so blessed by the words people have spoken over us; the Lord has gone before us and has prepared something in Canada for us to step into. We are thrilled to walk with Jesus in this next season as we obey Him. We are also looking forward to having the ability to help those who feel called to this part of the world. 

This beautiful nation will always be on our hearts and we believe that what the Lord has done in and through us will only continue—the nations are coming to Canada, so we are excited to build relationships with those who have made Canada their new home!


Roni & Sue