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Tying string up a hill in hopes that God will answer your prayers…

Thousands of people come to the island to tie a string at the bottom of the hill.

As they walk up the hill, they continue tying the string, walking, praying, and hoping that their prayer will be heard and seen by God.

The colors of the string represent the different needs they have. They may be praying for health, a spouse, money, a job, etc. Some people will walk barefoot so that they are in pain or discomfort, also hoping their god will answer their prayers. When they get to the top of the hill, they tie off the string and hope their prayers will be answered.

I am so thankful that we don’t need to go to these lengths for our Heavenly Father to hear our prayers and that He knows our needs before we even ask them. It is awesome that we can share this with those who are open and searching for Truth.

This island ministry day is where workers (like ourselves) and local believers will go and pray for people. The people are so open to prayer and are desperately looking for God. People are open to receiving a Bible and having conversations about God and Jesus.

This year there were miracles that we witnessed! One lady’s knees were healed right on the spot! Hallelujah! Ron spoke to a couple who were very open to the Gospel and had many questions. There were many amazing testimonies from that day. Many were prayed for and hearts were open to hearing the Good News.  

Prayer points

  • For the seeds that were sown on this ministry day where thousands came to pray.
  • For our transition. We will leave here at the end of June. We will need to find housing and jobs when we’re back in Canada.
  • For us a family as we make this move. It is a very difficult time for us. Many emotions to process.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your continued support. We are so blessed by each of you.

Ron & Veronica