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Another Year!

Thank you so much for your prayers. I just received news this past week that my residence application to stay another year has been approved. It is extremely tough to get residence here, but it seems God still wants me here for a while. I received tremendous favour from my language school and they have helped me spread out my courses to fill the remaining year left in order to apply for a full year residence.

1 Peter Memory Challenge

I had previously memorized the book of 1 Peter in English and Chinese, but have become a bit rusty without recent practice. Our pastor recently shared a sermon series on Peter and I was inspired to restore my memory of it. I decided to ask some friends to join me in whatever language they wished to, and there are now about 13 of us memorizing the book together. If you’d like to join me in memorizing this amazing book, let me know and I can share some tips and strategies. I’d love to have you join!

Another Trip to the Earthquake Zone

I will be going back to the earthquake zone at the end of the month along with my pastor here and a short term team visiting. My pastor wants me to help another believer friend going and for me to use my language, of which I have forgotten way too much. Please pray for my language to come back to me.

What’s God Been Saying?

I had the chance to go with a friend on a 2-day road trip at the beginning of last month. It was a great short season of rest and I got to chat for over 48 hours with my friend. During our conversations, I realized there have been a lot of areas of my heart that have gradually become jaded and cold towards various areas of ministry. I came back from the trip and had to immediately apply to renew my residence here in the country. As I processed with God, I immediately heard a clear still voice in my spirit: “Yes, you need to renew your residence permit, but before that, you first need to renew your heart.” Soon after, one by one He started dealing with these areas in my heart and bringing people and situations to me where He could show me His love and compassion and renew my love for them.

I’m realizing that God chooses to use messy people in spite of their messiness because His heart cannot wait to help people who are broken and in need, and the only perfect Human to come along to the world has already come, so if He waits to use someone without mess, He would have to wait forever.

Prayer Points

Pray for God to continue to renew my heart to love this land and this people in a deeper way this coming year.

Pray for my language as I restart classes at school again this month.

Pray for this upcoming trip for God to use me and the team to be a blessing – we will be helping the base start moving to a new plot of land they recently purchased as a lasting “Life Centre” for the city, to be equipped with a church, gym, café, etc. It’s a beautiful idea in an area that will soon be developed into the new city centre.