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Recently, we ministered in East Africa. We witnessed the goodness of God and believe that abundant gospel sowing and prayer will produce a bountiful harvest.

The Good News – Numerous global workers, working on the islands, are praying that the Holy Spirit will reveal and draw these people to faith in Jesus.

The Challenge – the islands are 98% M.  They are lost without Christ.

The Good News – There are thriving Christians who have come from neighbouring people groups who have started flourishing churches on the island.

The Challenge – the churches are full of foreigners and believers from other people groups—not locals. It is difficult for M peoples, who come to faith, to become part of established churches due to several factors—dress code, culture, westernization, etc.

The Good News – The hope and love of Jesus is being spread on the islands. New believers are becoming strong in their faith and are being trained to reach others. ACOP GH workers are partnered with an established team. In the past decade, 10 young men have come to faith. Together, we are believing God for a disciple-making movement of local believers. Other organizations are also present and are reaching indigenous people.

The Challenge – When these people come to faith they are often persecuted, and lose their families and jobs. Becoming a follower of Jesus comes at great cost.

Prayer Points:

  • For spiritual hunger among M-peoples
  • For an interest to read the Bible and that it would become alive to them
  • That they would have a personal encounter with Jesus—a dream, vision, or miracle that would authenticate the power of God
  • For a Disciple Making Movement to emerge among M-background believers
  • For believers from neighbouring people groups/tribes to be able to share the Gospel relevantly
  • For Global Workers to be encouraged as they pioneer this work on a frontier, unreached place