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Since our last update, we have been to Canada and returned here. We were blessed to spend 3 months travelling throughout several provinces in Canada and were able to visit with many friends and family in the process. We are privileged to have a strong team of supporters in Canada; this was made apparent as we realized how many people have been praying for us and we were unaware of it. We came back knowing that you guys have our back! Thank you for being part of our team—reaching these beautiful people for Christ.

During our first month back, we joined an online training called the “Sahara Challenge” (put on by The Cresent Project). It is primarily intended to help equip believers to reach M-people for Christ. We were impressed by their incredible love for these people and their desire to see them encounter Jesus. We were able to learn from Christians who have been ministering in M-nations (as well as in North America) and were presented with excellent resources.

Alex has connected with several Media-to-Movement Ministries active here and has started helping out with these ministries. They typically run advertisements directing people to an online platform where they can reach out to believers, find a bible, and ask questions. The hope is that this eventually leads to a face-to-face meeting and long-term discipleship.

We have also re-engaged with an English Club we help facilitate and have since been able to have several deep conversations about God, His character, and why He came. As many of them are university students and do not have family in the city, we hope to invite them into our home and care for them, and to find several people who want to go deeper into spiritual topics. We are prayerfully considering running a course where people can wrestle with the question of who Jesus is from the perspective of “the prophets” (i.e. the Bible).  

We have also received news that the current visa we are on may not be available when it comes time to renew, so we are looking into applying either for a work or a student visa. We are requesting prayer for vision in this next season, as either option would bring a huge change in our schedule, focus area, and time we can give to our present commitments.

While we were in Canada, we realized that many of you have been holding us up in prayer, and we wanted to give time and space for more regular prayer/update time. Starting in June, we will be hosting a Zoom call once a month where we will give prayer updates, and spend time in prayer with whoever wants to/can join. If you want to be part of this, please let us know by using “Contact Us” (click on our names below). Our first prayer Zoom will be on the evening of June 20th.

For those who want frequent prayer updates, we have two WhatsApp threads. The first one is semi-regular (non-urgent, once every two weeks or so) and the second is more frequent and urgent (eg. we are meeting with someone and need prayer at that moment). If you would like to receive these updates, please click on our names below to find “Contact Us” and let us know you’d like to join!

Once again, we are so grateful for your support—we consider each one of you part of our team and appreciate how you invest in reaching those who have never heard about Jesus.

Until All Know Him,

Alex & Sarah