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 🏠 Residency

The ever-changing tides of visas and residency permits have had team members and me bouncing between countries for the last year and a half. Like a storm that comes out of nowhere, we were caught out in the rain, navigating the changing weather as it came. You have to take many things over here as they come. Flexibility is a muscle I’m using again and again. I’ve moved a number of times since I came here in December 2022, thinking every time I was going to stay.

A few of us have been praying where we should stay—it’s looking like this island is NOT the route forward for myself and some other team members.

📖 Fall

I’ve started taking steps forward and am currently registering with a university as it will provide me with an opportunity to study and grow my language, people to build relationships with, and a visa to stay. As the visa tides continue to fluctuate, the university student route is one that is almost guaranteed. 

🍁 Canada

With plans in place for the fall, I’ll be visiting Canada this summer!! I’ll be around until mid-August. During that time I hope to connect with you all and be refreshed to gain vision for the upcoming season. I plan to be around Saskatoon, Regina, and Moose Jaw most of the time. I will also attend Veteran camp and possibly a trip to the West Coast.

One my favourite things about living over here are the open markets. Right now watermelons, peaches, and nectarines are big ones in season.

I hope the wedding feast of the Lamb has a big open market. To display and celebrate all the fruit of our lives! Maybe it will be like the five loaves and two fish, we’ll get to see how He multiplies our offerings.

The Last Few Months:

  • I got my 6 months residency for the island and it ended. (Usually, you can reapply, but the requirements for this have changed in the last 6 months and I no longer qualify for the visa I’ve been on.)
  • Kept up with language lessons in-person and online.
  • Our team facilitated games night with a mix of university students, who have become our friends. One in particular I met with another team member on the pier last year. It has been a delight to watch him open up and come to church with us a couple of times. 
  • I attended some prayer meetings, volunteered at an orphanage, and met with May and Kay when I’ve been in the other country. Kay and I often talk about God in some way with my limited language skills. Our last visit she told me she finds the old churches in the city peaceful and we talked about prayer.

Prayer requests:

  • 📝 To keep learning and retaining language through the summer while in Canada
  • 🏠 Returning in the fall, for the right apartment to be provided
  • ❤️ For the girls I meet with to have soft hearts ready for Him
  • 📑 Residency is still quite a process, for it to go well and be accepted
  • 👫 Other team members to get into the country on different visa types

Thank you for your prayers, I am always thankful for them. Especially in times like these where the breakthrough feels tangible, where steps forward are seeable. They are huge reminders of His faithfulness and the community that supports me and His coming kingdom.

Again, thank you, friends!