Will you partner with ACOP Global Harvest Builds?

A matching grant of up to $30,000 has already been committed by a generous partner.

In 2022, ACOP Global Harvest Builds is raising $120,000 towards rebuilding a number of churches that were destroyed by natural disasters in 2021. In addition, we anticipate roofing new churches where rapid church planting and multiplication is happening worldwide.


Why donate to ACOP Global Harvest Builds?

Natural disasters in 2021 destroyed numbers of churches in Africa.  ACOP Global Harvest Helps sent funds for emergency relief and sustenance, but these congregations still need places to gather. 

Now, ACOP Global Harvest Builds hopes to raise $120,000 – $60,000 to provide resources to complete two buildings, each seating 300 to 350 people, and $60,000 to provide roofs for our other global partners who are experiencing rapid church planting and church multiplication. Now is our chance to help our global ACOP family rebuild these churches and assist in roofing new church plants in 2022.