D & A

Location: Middle East

Started Serving In: 2014

Motto: To initiate a multiplicative movement!

Latest News: God is on the Move!

Our Journey

We have always wanted to be on the very front end of ministry, to see the gospel transform people from the very beginning. That essentially was our call to the unreached. We are here to share and display the gospel to people who otherwise would have no access to it.

Our Ministry

We initially engage with people online, finding those who are interested in Jesus. Upon that we meet with them and from day one ask them to become disciples. We do this way before they have ever decided to become believers. The idea is to set a DNA in the newly forming church of multiplication.

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If you wish to donate by cheque:
Write the cheque to ACOP of Canada and mail it to the following address:

ACOP of Canada
#119, 2340 Pegasus Way NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 8M5

If you wish to donate by pre-authorized debit (PAD):
Please visit the Global Harvest donation page to set up your PAD or contact the ACOP office at 403-273-5777.