Global Worker Annual Report Form

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This annual report helps you keep us informed about the progress of your ministry and how you are personally doing. Please briefly answer what is applicable to you.

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Global Worker Information

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Name(s) and Age(s) of children (Adult children who no longer live with you should be excluded)

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Relationships & Health

Who were you working with? (National church, leaders' names, positions; organizations; other affiliated church organizations; Global Worker team; etc.)

How would you describe your relationship with: a) national church/ministry you are working with, if applicable; b) local people; c) team members you are working with?

In the event of a conflict, what steps did you take or what steps are you taking to rectify the situation?

How are you and/or your family doing spiritually, emotionally & mentally? What are you doing to care for your spirit, soul and body?

Have you taken time to review the Global Harvest Member Care Guide and answer (for yourself) the related questions in the last 6 months? If not, please do so by clicking here.

Are there areas you feel you need special attention or help with in relation to member care?

If so, who will you reach out to help you with these?

Please state the current status of your health (and family members where applicable)

Mission/ Ministry

Which of these areas of ministry/mission work were you involved in over the last year?

Disciple making (pre-conversion or post-conversion) with a few primary people / leaders / seekers?

List at least 3 people (first name) who you are currently doing pre-conversion or post-conversion discipleship with:

What activities are you involved in which are intentionally aimed at discipling the above people?

Evangelism & outreach to unsaved, unreached and / or unchurched people?

What evangelism & outreach activities were you involved with?

Church Planting among unsaved, unreached and/or unchurched people?

What church planting initiatives and activities were you involved with?

Preaching / Teaching in churches or with church leadership?

Was this a regular teaching/training program, itinerant preaching/teaching or other (explain)?

Short term crisis intervention / recovery programs / humanitarian work / development work?

What was the focus of this crisis and recovery work you were involved in, how often does it occur and who is it focused on?

In the last year, what were your objectives and goals (briefly list in point form)?

Did you feel that you met your objectives and goals? In what way?

Will these change for the coming year, and if so, what will they be?

What does your weekly schedule look like most weeks? Provide a brief summary in point form to a maximum of 7 points.

Were you involved in any capital building projects? If so, what were they?

We recognize that your ministry focus is to work directly with the local people you are reaching and serving in your place of deployment. However, if you do anticipate visiting ministry or visiting short-term missions teams, for what purpose and who do you expect in this coming year?


What needs do you project for this coming year (financial and otherwise)?

Do you require a budget increase this coming year? If so what amount or %? Please explain why this increase is required.

What is your partnership (prayer and financial) support level like (committed churches and individuals)?

ACOP supports a variety of education options for MK's from homeschooling to international schools to local schools. Please share what you are currently doing for your children's education if you have children, and what you plan to do for the coming year.

Home Assignment

When is your next expected home assignment (or visitation of churches/partners)? Note: please refer to the updated Home Assignment policy and complete the Home Assignment Details form at least 3 months prior to home assignment.


How can we better support you and be a blessing to you? Are there some practical ways we can help you reach your mandate? How can we pray for you?

Are there any concerns or recommendations you may have?

Please submit these completed forms before January 31 by clicking on the 'Submit' button. If you have difficulty with this form, please email Miranda at as soon as possible.

Rest assured that your responses and reports will be kept in the strictest confidence with the ACOP Global Harvest Missions Committee.

We deeply value your input and the great work that you are doing for the Kingdom of God. Thank you and may God richly bless you.