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Self Assessment

Using the Common European Framework for Learning Languages, rate yourself in each of the following areas (i.e. A1, A2, B1, etc). This should be done prior to your interview. It is difficult to be certain where you fit in each of these categories, but you will be able to generally place yourself for a glimpse at progress and development.

To be filled out by the person being interviewed.
i.e. Dilmer Level 1 - 83%

Spiritual Language

Using the rating scale below, please rate yourself in the following areas.

0 - No proficiency. Knowledge of the language is nonexistent or limited to a few words.

1 - Elementary proficiency. You know how to structure basic sentences, which may include common questions and answers typically used by tourists.

2 - Limited working proficiency. You're able to have limited social conversations and understand basic commands.

3 - Professional working proficiency. You understand the language well enough to contribute greatly in a workplace, though you may exhibit an obvious accent and need help with advanced terminology.

4 - Full professional proficiency. You can have conversations at an advanced level and have a firm understanding of the language, though you may have some misunderstandings or occasional mistakes.

5 - Primary fluency / bilingual proficiency. You are entirely fluent in a language. You were raised speaking the language or have spoken it long enough to become proficient in it. Your accent is either nonexistent or barely recognizable.
General Prayer:
Prayer for Healing:
Prayer for Deliverance/Inner Healing:
Familiarity with Christian Worship in your posting country:
Sharing your Testimony:
Common Islamic spiritual vocabulary:
Responses to common objections to Christ:
Common Christian spiritual vocabulary:
Familiarity with your posting language scripture:
Sharing the Gospel:

General Practices

In an average week, how much time (in hours) do you spend on each of the following methods (approximately).
TV, Music etc.
Are your learning methods helping with accent and pronunciation?

Big Picture

Please rate yourself for how motivated and eager you are to speak in the language of your country of posting on an average day:


General Notes