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Self Assessment

(To be filled out by the person being interviewed)

Using the Common European Framework for Learning Languages, rate yourself in each of the following areas (i.e. A1, A2, B1, etc). This should be done prior to your interview. It is difficult to be certain where you fit in each of these categories, but you will be able to generally place yourself for a glimpse at progress and development.

Listening (passive or media):


Hearing (in conversations):



What other evaluations have you finished in this last season? Record them in a list below and your score on them (i.e. Dilmer Level 1 - 83%)

Spiritual Language

Using the sliders below rate yourself in the following areas from 0 - 5 (0 - Have not studied/no idea; 1 - Very Unfamiliar; 5 - Fluent/Very Familiar)

General Prayer:
0 5

Prayer for Healing:
0 5

Prayer for Deliverance/Inner Healing:
0 5

Familiarity with Christian Worship in your posting country:
0 5

Sharing your Testimony:
0 5

Common Islamic spiritual vocabulary:
0 5

Responses to common objections to Christ:
0 5

Common Christian spiritual vocabulary:
0 5

Familiarity with your posting language scripture:
0 5

Sharing the Gospel:
0 5

General Practices

Are you currently learning any languages in addition to the language of your country of posting? If so, list them and give an approximate percentage of how much of your overall language time that consumes.

In an average week, how much time (in hours) do you spend on each of the following methods (approximately). Use the sliders to indicate:

1 Hour 170 Hours

Textbook Study:
1 Hour 170 Hours

1 Hour 170 Hours

Conversation Partner:
1 Hour 170 Hours

Listening (T.V., Music Etc.):
1 Hour 170 Hours

New Vocabulary Memorization:
1 Hour 170 Hours

Are your learning methods helping with accent and pronunciation?

Big Picture

Are there topics of conversation you currently feel quite confident in?

Are there any topics of conversation you feel quite inadequate in that you feel you should improve in the next 6 months?

If this is NOT your first evaluation: considering what topics of conversation you wanted to improve in your last 6 months, did you achieve your goals?

What (if any) system do you have in place to work on weaknesses that you are discovering?

Using the slider below, please rate yourself for how motivated and eager you are to speak in the language of your country of posting on an average day
(0 - you wish you never had to again, 3 - willing but not enthused, 5 - very excited)

0 5

Have you experienced any definite plateaus or growth spurts in the last time period?

Do you have something in place to help when motivation wanes?

Is there anything your fellow teammates can do to help support your language learning process?


What goals do you have for the upcoming learning period?

Did you reach your goals from the last language period? Explain.

General Notes

Is there anything else that you would like to share with regards to your language learning progress and process?