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My Mission Values & Plan

Global Harvest Mission Values & Priorities

Global Harvest's Mission is:
Making disciples of all nations by proclaiming and demonstrating the good news of Jesus.

Global Harvest's Values & Priorities

  • Fervent prayer and Holy Spirit empowered ministry
  • Reaching Least Reached People Groups
  • Evangelism and disciple making
  • Planting multiplying indigenous church movements
  • Christ centered leadership training and development

To be completed before deployment & 18 months to 2 years after deployment

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Step #1: Clarify Your Core Values

This first part of Mission Strategic Planning is called "core values clarification". Ask yourself, "What values and virtues do I most admire a) Personally and for my family, b) For missions ministry?". In addition, how do these compliment & support Global Harvest's values?

Please see Appendix A for an exercise to assist you with this.

List your top 5 Personal and/or Family (if married) Core Values (explain each briefly)

List your top 5 Ministry/Mission Core Values (explain each briefly)

Step #2: Create Your Mission Statement

Your next step is to create your personal mission statement. This is a clear, written description of the mission you feel God has called you to personally. Your Mission Statement should reflect some of your Mission Core Values and should focus on action verbs. It should be a short sentence or at most two sentences.

Step #3: Create Your Personal Mission Motto

A Motto is a short phrase of 3 to 6 words that express a guiding focus or mission of an individual or group. In this step, you will boil your Missions statement down to a short phrase that will be your life's motto as you enter into cross-cultural missions ministry. In addition, you can use this motto in your communication to those interested in partnering with you so that they can easily identify what your mission is all about.

Step #4: Create Your Mission Goals (Action Plan)

What goals do you envision will help you achieve your Missions Core Values and Mission Statement? In this step you will create your goals (action plans) that you feel God leading you to implement, realizing that it is God that fulfills his purposes and plans as well as orders your steps. Ask yourself the question, “What goals can I set that help me both include my values and support Global Harvest’s values”. In addition, these goals will, most likely, change with time and experience. Situations may cause revisions to your plan over time. However, developing this now helps both you and your partners understand your goals, plans and provides focus. Please outline your short term, medium term and long term goals (plans) that you hope to implement to assist you in accomplishing your Values and your Mission Statement. They should lead to you accomplishing your values and mission and should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & trackable. However, they should also be broad enough to allow for changes or revisions as you adapt to your future mission and culture. Feel free to add more if you like.

In order to set your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, they must be SMART. That means that, to bring clarity, EACH goal should include the following aspects of SMART goals:

S - specific/significant/simple
M - measurable/meaningful/manageable
A - achievable/actionable/appropriate/aligned
R - relevant/realistic/rewarding/result-oriented
T - timely/trackable/tangible

1. Short-term Goals (Action Plans) - now to 1 year

2. Medium-term Goals (Action Plans) - 1 year to 2 years

3. Long-term Goals (Action Plans) - 2 years to 10 years

Appendix A: Clarifying Your Personal and Mission Values

AccomplishConfirmEnlistIntegratePrepareShare AcquireConnectEnlivenInvolvePresentSpeak AdministerConsiderEntertainKeepProduceStand AdoptConstructEnthuseKnowProgressSummon AdvanceContactEnvisionLabourPromiseSupport
AffectContinueEquipLaunchPromoteSurrender AffirmCooperateEvaluateLeadProvideSustain AlleviateCounselEvangelizeLoveRealizeTake AmplifyCreateExciteMasterReceiveTap AppreciateDecideExploreMatureReclaimTeach
AscendDefendExpressMeasureReduceTeam AssociateDelightExtendMediateRefineTouch BelieveDeliverFacilitateMobilizeReflectTrade BestowDemonstrateFinanceModelReformTrail Blaze BrightenDeviseForgiveMoldRegardTranslate
BuildDirectFosterMotivateRelateTrain CallDiscipleFranchiseMoveRelaxTravel CatalyzeDiscoverFurtherNegotiateReleaseUnderstand Care ForDiscussGatherNutureRelyUnite CauseDistributeGenerateOpenRememberUphold
ChooseDraftGiveOrganizeRenewUse ClaimDreamHealParticipateResonateUtilize CollectDriveHonourPassRespectValidate CombineEducateHoldPastorRestoreValue CommandElectHostPerformReturnVenture
CommunicationEmbraceIdentifyPersuadeReviseVerbalize CompelEncourageIgnitePioneerSacrificeVolunteer CompeteEndowIlluminatePlantSafeguardWork CompleteEngageImplementPlaySatisfyWorship ComplimentEngineerImprovePossessSaveWrite

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