Global Worker Home Assignment Details

ACOP Global Harvest has a responsibility as your employer to ensure that you are taking sufficient time for professional development, personal vacation time (if you haven’t already done so in your county of deployment), medical treatment and meeting with your partners. Having some details about your upcoming home assignment will help us provide better care to you and your family.

Please take a few moments to provide the following information:


Confirmed Home Assignment Dates: (mm-dd-yyyy)
-- to --

If you are unsure of dates at this point, please give an estimate and then notify the office as soon as exact dates are confirmed.

When will you arrive in Canada?

When will you depart from Canada?

What potential date range would fit your schedule to come to the ACOP Global Harvest Office (#119-2340 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary, AB) to connect with the Mission Directors and ACOP Staff & team?

Week of:
Or Date: (mm-dd-yyyy)

If family members are travelling at different times, please provide the travel itinerary for each person.

Please indicate the anticipated portion of time you intend to give to:

Partner raising/supporter relationship building (ministering and meeting with churches/camps/individuals):

Professional Development (like a missions course or training):

Personal Vacation:

Personal Business:

Medical Treatment or Personal Care:


Contact information while on home assignment:

Preferred email address for communication from churches:

Preferred phone number for communication from churches:

Preferred email address for communication from ACOP Global Harvest:

Preferred phone number for communication from ACOP Global Harvest:

Address of home base while on home assignment (or city name if unsure of exact address at this time):

For families, will you all travel together while in Canada for Home Assignment, or will the family be based in one location and just one person travel?

All or just one?


Are there any particular ways Global Harvest Leadership Team can support you during this time?