Global Harvest

The cross-cultural mission arm of the ACOP of Canada.


To mobilize disciples to sow the Gospel, multiply churches, equip leaders, and care for those in crisis.


Mobilizing: calling, equipping, and deploying all of God’s people for the harvest


Sowing: planting the Gospel among those with little or no access to the Gospel (least reached or unreached people groups)


Multiplying: planting reproducing, indigenous churches & movements that are focused on rapid multiplication


Equipping: investing in leaders who are making disciples and propelling the world Christian movement


Caring: standing against injustice and poverty & intervening in crisis situations


We see a movement of disciples of Jesus Christ making disciples who make disciples in every people group.


  • We spend significant time with Jesus, meditating on His words and being transformed into His likeness
  • We depend on the Holy Spirit to direct, fill, and empower us so that we might proclaim the Gospel effectively, demonstrate its power tangibly, use His gifts for building up His Church, and be victorious in spiritual warfare.
  • We believe that healthy disciples make disciples and healthy churches reproduce churches. Since reproduction is the Great Commission norm, we must embed the DNA of reproduction into every disciple we make and church we plant.
  • We strive to learn the heart languages and cultures of our host cultures so that we can communicate Jesus clearly to them. We proclaim Him in word and deed as we serve, inspire, and add value to their communities. While we intervene to meet desperate needs in times of crisis, we prefer to empower people to meet their own needs and bless others. 
  • We prioritize taking the Good News go to people groups where Jesus still isn’t known or worshipped. We scatter the seed abundantly and in multiple ways, look for people of peace, make disciples, and send them to make disciples of others who have no access to the Gospel.
  • We partner with like-minded disciples from our own ACOP family, but we also team up with disciples from the larger Body for an even greater capacity to accomplish the Great Commission.  We hold ourselves accountable to our King and to each other so that our collaborations are healthy and effective.
  • We choose daily to live for the worship of Jesus in every nation, placing relationships, families, ambitions, possessions, and comfort on His altar out of love for Him and for others. Our dream of the whole earth being covered with the Glory of the Lord sustains and compels us.

Our Reach

Globally – around the world

Locally – within Canada

Our Leadership Team

The ACOP Global Harvest Leadership Team is comprised of the Missions Director(s), the ACOP President, the ACOP Administrator and three other appointed members. In addition, there are a number of appointed Global Representatives providing member care and counsel for our Global Workers and ministry relationship to our Global Partners.