Our Mission:

To mobilize disciples to sow the Gospel, multiply the church, equip leaders and care for those in crisis.


Mobilizing: sending workers into the harvest fields


Multiplying: planting reproductive indigenous churches  


Caring: standing against injustice and poverty & intervening in crisis situations

Our Vision:

To make disciples who make disciples of every nation.

Our Values:

  • We spend significant time with Him, feeding on His word, listening to Him, and being transformed into His likeness. We practice spiritual warfare through times of intercession and prayer.
  • We ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us, fill us, and empower us to fulfill His mission through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel, believing for miraculous signs and wonders and the gifts of the Spirit to be evident.
  • We believe that disciples are healthy when they make other disciples and that churches are healthy when they reproduce other churches.  Therefore, we make reproduction an essential part of every step of disciple-making and church-multiplication. We endeavor to reproduce indigenously multiplying disciples and churches. Multiplication is the biblical response to the Great Commission.
  • We learn the heart languages and adapt to the cultures of the people groups we want to reach, so that Jesus is incarnated in and relevant to that culture. Seeing every culture and people group transformed by the gospel of Jesus is our dream.
  • We look for ways to bless, serve, and add value to our host communities. While we intervene temporarily to meet desperate human needs in times of crisis, we prefer to empower people so that they can meet their own needs and be blessings to their communities.  Our focus is to see the gospel proclaimed and demonstrated in word and deed among every nation (people groups).
  • We prioritize people groups among whom Jesus is not yet worshipped, scatter the seeds of the Gospel abundantly and in multiple ways, look for people of peace, make disciples, and send disciples to make disciples of their own people and others without Gospel access.
  • We believe in working as teams with like-minded disciples, particularly from within ACOP.  In addition, we will often partner with other disciples and teams from the broader body of Christ who share the same values for greater effectiveness in obeying the great commission.  We hold ourselves accountable to our mutual King and to each other so that our collaboration is healthy and effective. 
  • We make daily, deliberate, intentional choices to live for the worship of Jesus in the nations. We lay ourselves, our relationships, families, careers, ambitions, possessions, comfort and future on the altar for His fame. We dream of the whole earth being covered with the Glory of the Lord by taking to the gospel to where the church is not yet established.

Our Reach

Globally – around the world

Locally – within Canada

Our Leadership Team

The ACOP Global Harvest Leadership Team is comprised of the Missions Director(s), the ACOP President, the ACOP Administrator and three other appointed members. In addition, there are a number of appointed Global Representatives providing member care and counsel for our Global Workers and ministry relationship to our Global Partners.