Next Steps to Going

  • ACOP is the ministry organization that provides oversight to Global Harvest.

  • ACOP is a registered charity in Canada with both Canadian and international churches.

  • Global Harvest is the global missions division within ACOP.

  • Beyond is a missions movement within Global Harvest focused on reaching unreached people groups or least reached people groups.

GET STARTED by saying YES to Jesus to GO as a Global Worker to take the good news to least reached people of the world.


  1. If you are already an ACOP Member, click here to fill out this Missions and Values form.

  2. If you are not yet an ACOP Member, register with Global Harvest to say “I am interested in going” and get started with the process of going.

  3. Missions Directors will connect with you and help you get started on your personal Next Steps process.

ACOP Member interest form

Non-ACOP Member interest form

2. Get Connected

GET CONNECTED by applying as a Global Worker. We will take time to get to know you and, after approval, connect you with other Workers and Teams who have said yes to going.


  1. Travel on an optional on-field discovery trip or internship.

  2. You will be contacted to submit an Application Form (including $200 application fee for individuals) & supporting documents to become a Global  Worker & ACOP Member.

  3. Participate in an interview with the Missions Directors (online or in person) and ACOP Regional Rep.

  4. Receive approval.

  5. We will connect you with other Global Workers and potential Teams around the world that you might join.

Read Global Stories

GET FOCUSED on the steps you will take to raise prayer & financial partners and preparing to GO.  We will remain connected with you as you continue to prepare and you will meet regularly in-person or online with the team you will be joining.


  1. A personal Global Harvest Profile Page, donation page and email address will be developed for you along with access to your personal online Dashboard.

  2. We will work with you to set up a monthly budget for your ministry. This is the budget you will approach potential partners to give towards.

  3. We will conduct an online or in person Orientation Meeting with you for further training, to help you understand how everything works for partner raising and deployment and to answer questions.

  4. We will provide you with free resources for you to further equip you. These include a free month of ECO, two books (The God Ask & When Helping Hurts) and Vision & Strategy Planning.

  5. You will attend an Open Door retreat to get acquainted with your ACOP family and leaders who will continue to journey with you in your calling and ministry.

  6. You will be approved as a Commissioned ACOP Minister.

Profile Page Here

ECO Courses Here

Strategy Plan Here

GET PREPARED by completing pre-field preparation, and training. We will help you with resources and what to complete.  We will assign you with a Pastoral Care Global Rep. and set a timeline for deployment.


  1. We will appoint an on field supervisor for when you are deployed.

  2. We will guide you to complete further training.

  3.  We will ask you to complete a Global Worker Agreement Form before you are deployed.

  4. You will be assigned a Global Representative who is someone who will be available to provide Pastoral Care and Counsel for you once you are deployed.

  5. A tentative date for your deployment will be set.

Kairos Course Here

Plan to Protect Here

Agreement Form Here

GET DEPLOYED once you have raised your Prayer and Financial Partners. We will commission you and ensure ongoing direction, care and on-field supervision & mentorship.


  1. We will commission you and deploy you as an Apprentice Global Worker.

  2. The Missions Directors will provide on-going direction.

  3. Your appointed on-field supervisor / mentor will provide on-going coaching and oversight.

  4. Your Global Representative will provide on-going Pastoral care and counsel.

  5. You will complete regular Language & Culture Acquisition (LCA) self-evaluation.

  6. At the end of your first term as an Apprentice Global Worker your on-field supervisor will complete and submit an evaluation.

LCA Evaluation Here