Martin Davies

Christian High School


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The only Christian high school in Diebougou area for 160,000 people

Location: Diebougou, Burkina Faso


Bruce and Lauren's former home

Project Summary

Project includes (most are required to qualify as a government-recognized High School):

  • Six additional classrooms
  • Library including research books
  • Science lab and equipment
  • Technology lab with 40 computers
  • Administration offices, staff room and toilets
  • Perimeter security wall and gates
  • Sports field with bleachers (also will serve for outreach crusades)
  • Toilets (students)
  • 12 revenue kiosks on property frontage

With Room to Expand

Martin Davies had a vision for the future and secured a large property in the 1950’s.  Little did he know what the Lord had in store.  The missionaries taught their followers to also have vision, so they’ve initiated this project.


Amazing Yearly Growth: 

2014 – 2015: 2 classes, 49 students

2015 – 2016: 3 classes, 111 students

2016 – 2017: 4 classes, 156 students

2017 – 2020: 7 classes, 250 students


Today: A school with 250 students.

Tomorrow: A school with 500 students

Rebuilding the Wall

Diebougou is a city of crossroads and the school is located at a strategic intersection of two main highways, yet remains without proper security.  The city was about to expropriate this frontage if the property wasn’t further developed.

Anticipating a New Look

Inside the drab main entrance is a beautiful classroom complex.  However, the property has remained unsecured and open to vandalism and stray animals.  A wall with gates and boutiques lining the walls will change that look.

Revenue Initiative

12 commercial boutiques to be built along the wall will bring rental income & added security.

Since 2001, the concept of commercial rental space has helped fund the Bible school ministry (Phyl Davies complex) in Léo.


The remarkable beginnings of the Upper Volta

(Burkina Faso) mission from Evangelistic Tabernacle, and the early relationships that Tab members had with brothers Martin & Phyl Davies and their wives, and with the Lungrens, Hildebrandts, Gordons, Lades and others, is just that, remarkable. It is truly amazing what one church did then and what a few of us can do now.

Expanding the Legacy

  • A Christian High School located on the original mission station in Diebougou in honour of founding missionaries Martin and Alice Davies.
  • During the High School’s opening ceremonies, local dignitaries expressed gratitude for the heart and vision of those who had invested in young people’s education.
  • Student leaders, in their address on that day, asked funders to consider funding a library, computers, etc.
BUILT IN 2016:
  • A new bible school complex in Léo, in honour of Phyl and Lucille Davies.
IN 2018:
  • We began to dream of fully completing the school, as it grew and flourished.
  • Approximately 40% of students are Muslim
  • 25% are Catholic
  • 20% are Animist
  • 15% are Evangelical Christians
  • Christian studies and values are taught.
  • The High School charges tuition.
  • Work programs are being considered to help poorer Christian students attend.
  • Operated under African leadership, with no monthly Canadian support.
  • Graduated hundreds of students.
  • More than 300 alumni serving as pastors across 330 churches.
  • Operated under African leadership, with no monthly Canadian support.
  • Has more than doubled since the Lungrens and Langeruds served in Africa in 1989 – 2004.
  • All of the Upper Volta Burkina Faso missionaries invested in youth for the future generations.
  • Lucille Davies, the last of the first six missionaries, recently passed away at the age of 100 and only a few of the other missionaries remain.


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