Who is Beyond?

  • Beyond is you & us – a team of leaders and workers serving together towards finishing the task of the great commission.

  • Beyond is the missions division of ACOP of Canada Global Harvest – dedicated to working among unreached people groups.


Our Core Values: What we are passionate about

  • Fervent prayer

  • Daily hearing, soaking in and obeying God’s Word

  • Engaging in spiritual warfare – breaking down barriers and strongholds

  • Lives being transformed into the character of Jesus as we obey Jesus & his word

  • Knowing we need Jesus to change us every day

  • Recognizing that people who are unreached need the power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit to transform them

  • We prioritize bringing the gospel, making disciples and planting the church where the gospel is not being proclaimed and where the church is not established – among least reached people groups / unreached people groups.

  • We want to share the good news wherever we are with whoever God puts in our path.

  • We actively seek opportunities to do this with as many seekers as possible

  • Taking up our cross daily with joy

  • Not deterred from the call, the task and Jesus

  • Going where the gospel and the church is not

  • Committed to making disciples who will multiply to make more disciples

  • Recognizing that Jesus loves the church and wants His church (gathered believers) to be established and multiply in every nation

  • Learning language and culture are key to feeling at home & being effective in our host culture.

  • We have a reason for being in every community we are reaching.  That reason makes sense and is not a lie. This is called our role and identity.

  • Our role and identity enable us to integrate well into our host culture and people

  • We only deploy teams as much as possible.

  • We can’t be Lone Rangers – we need each other. We function most fruitfully in the community of a team and relationship

  • We hold one another accountable

  • We believe that Holy Spirit will speak to us, fill us and work through us.  We put that into practice.

  • We believe God desires to work by his Holy Spirit in advance of us, in spite us, within us and through us through signs and wonders.  We don’t deserve this but we expect it.

  • We will often partner with other organizations and workers who have the same values for greater effectiveness in obeying the great commission